Kelly Hoppen Vision Board for 2016

Why you need a vision board!

Vision boards. Have you created yours yet?

If not, here’s the why and also the how to!

Vision boards give powerful reinforcement and provide direction and clarity in order to take your intentions forward. Basically, you’re committing your thoughts, wishes and intentions visually to paper.

Before you get started…

Ensure that you are relaxed and unlikely to be disturbed for an hour or so.
Assemble your materials – pinboard, scissors, glue etc.

Ask yourself…

Who am I and what is my plan for this year? Think of a mission statement, or words that sum up what you want.

Do my behaviours match my aspirations? This may expose certain beliefs and attitudes that you secretly would like to change and that’s fine.

Kelly Hoppen Vision Board for 2016
Kelly Hoppen’s Vision Board for 2016


Get flicking through images and add any that fit with your intentions for the year. This is the start of your very own VISION BOARD.

You can cut out images from magazines and papers, or gather images online that visually capture your statement of inspiration and support your plans.

You must make this a physical board, even if you create digitally, print it out.

Put this up somewhere around the house so you see it daily and will pass it frequently. The fridge is an ideal location.

When you create a vision board and see it often, you are essentially doing short visualisation exercises throughout the day.
Subconsciously, your mind will then work away and help make these things happen.

Who’s up for doing this? I am going to do mine this week – lets share next Wednesday. Post a photo of yours – snap on your phone – and upload to my Facebook page.

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