I was the third tutor working with Indigo NLP on the ‘away day’ for staff working with severely disabled children in Southampton, and can only echo what the other tutor has already said about Suzi’s enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge of her subject . It says it all that we chose her as the lead facilitator for the day.

I have also worked with Indigo NLP on an individual level, and found Suzi to be very supportive at an emotional time in my life. Not only that but she helped me to see where my priorities were, to make the decisions I wanted to make, and to undertake a training course where thanks to her help I got top marks in the exam as well as passing the practical tests! Well done Suzi.

Sally Reynolds

Registered Social worker/practice teacher/university tutor.
Counsellor | Complementary Therapist | Accredited Civil Funeral Celebrant

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