There’s not enough words, really, nor enough space on this e-mail to express the amount of thanks that I have for yourself and NLP and the effort and work you’ve put into me. You are one of the most amazing people I know …¬†your energy for life, your charisma towards people and your sheer personality is infectious and so inspiring. I think this, combined with the nature of NLP has created a force to be reckoned with! When being a colleague and friend, you are so supportive and kind, and when being a NLP Practitioner, you are incredibly professionaly and dedicated. It’s a fantastic combination.

You made me realise what the really important things in life are, that there is a lot of good and happiness in me and how much that can overweigh the bad. Whilst many have said that to me before, none have ever done anything about it, except you and you’ve done it in such a way that it feels like I’ve only begun to open the book of possibilities.

I know we’ve only done a few bits of work, but they’ve been fantastic. You’ve taught me to harness very powerful memories that I didn’t realise I treasured so much, until you reminded me of them. There were times in that car space that I was going to cry (I never told you, but I was very close to. Maybe you knew) but I didn’t, because that was so quickly replaced with the aspirations and the steadiness that NLP put into me. It was a surreal but amazing experience.

They say you change as you grow, are influenced by the people around you, different environments and experiences. In the short space of time I’ve known you, you have been all of those and you’ve changed a part of me, and definitely for the good, I feel, which is a massive achievement for anyone. I could never do what you are so brilliant at, not that many can, i think, so if there ever comes a time when you doubt, even for the slightest second, in your capabilities and your skills – don’t.

To have the ability to inspire confidence, restore morale and make someone smile, even for a second, is a precious and enviable ability.

I personally believe you’ve bettered my approach and views on life and my future aspirations, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Suzi. I owe you one.

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