There are very few times in life when I can say ‘that was a life changing choice’. Learning to dance was one and allowing you to help me has been another.

When I think back to our first session when I was so low and stressed that I ended up in tears. But I was able to actually tell you what I didn’t want in my life, making that realisation was the first big step, believing I could, with you help, make a difference was the second step. I came out of our session feeling as if a load had been taken off my shoulders.

Although I have only had a few sessions with you I feel that I am getting back my real self of two years ago. I have also received comments from people saying that it is now obvious that I’m not so stressed and letting things go by me. For the first time for over a year I feel happy to be a work. I don’t take my work home any more and my family thank you for that!!!!

I know it’s down to believing in myself but you made that possible again and I thank you so much.

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