ClientNLP Coaching

Thank you for your NLP coaching. There are very few times in life when I can say 'that was a life changing choice'. Learning to dance was one and allowing you to help me has been another.

ClientPostive Parenting

Suzi helped me so much during my pregnancy, I was so anxious over the birth and being a first time mum. Her advice carried on through my pregnancy and well on to after the birth! When it came to baby number 2 I went back to Suzi to discuss my anxiety.

LisaCoaching Session

In just one session you really made me analyse my fear of wasps and find strategies to overcome this as well as seeing myself thin. I found this very interesting and for a first time experience this seemed really positive, you gave me lots of encouragement and I felt very relaxed. I had no problems in following you and feel better equipped in thinking before reaching, making me realise that fear can be controlled. You are a very positive lady and enthusiastic, interesting and very motivational. What’s more I seem to have lost weight since feeling less anxious and being more positive.

JanetCoaching Client

There are very few times in life when I can say 'that was a life changing choice'. Learning to dance was one and allowing you to help me has been another. When I think back to our first session when I was so low and stressed that I ended up in tears. But I was able to actually tell you what I didn't want in my life, making that realisation was the first big step, believing I could, with your help, make a difference was the second step. I came out of our session feeling as if a load had been taken off my shoulders. Although I have only had a few sessions with you I feel that I am getting back my real self of two years ago. I have also received comments from people saying that it is now obvious that I'm not so stressed and letting things go by me. For the first time for over a year I feel happy to be a work. I don't take my work home any more and my family thank you for that! I know its down to believing in myself but you made that possible again and I thank you so much.

SharonNLP Client

Suzi gives you the skills in which to anchor your solutions! The benefits are enormous because you are the master of your inner strengths.

NyganNLP Client

There's not enough words, really, nor enough space on this e-mail to express the amount of thanks that I have for yourself and NLP and the effort and work you've put into me.

GailieIndividual Support Session

Suzi is a very professional lady who works hard in all aspects of her job, as she gives 100 % in everything she does. Suzi you worked with me to see many aspects of my life and at 53 years old I believe I love myself for the first time in my life and have found myself worth. It feels wonderful to be at peace with oneself, with life and accept aspects of my life that I can’t change and enjoy so much that I can.

ClientNLP Coaching

What I love about Suzi is she doesn't tell you what you want to hear. She tells you what you need to hear. You set goals with her that she helps you to attain with clarity, mindfulness and self love along the way. She can help and guide you with your business life, personal life, family life... Anything... She uses fantastic visualisations and other techniques to achieve change and wellness from within. I don't want my sessions to end!

FrancesNLP Client

I had never heard of NLP before speaking to Suzi. I was interested yet sceptical but decided to give it a go as I had an issue that was beginning to take over my thoughts and not just when I had a moment of quiet contemplation. I booked my first session with Suzi and I felt rather nervous and silly! At the session Suzi asked if there was anything in particular that I wanted to work on so I told her my problem. I didn’t have to tell that was my choice. Anyway, Suzi explained what she would do and what I would need to do and the session started. As I said earlier, I did feel nervous and silly but carried on regardless. The session lasted just under an hour. Almost immediately I noticed that I wasn’t thinking about my problem, going home on the bus that night I tested myself by trying to think about it and couldn’t. I was amazed. I don’t understand how NLP works but Suzi made it work for me.

NyganNLP Client

You made me realise what the really important things in life are, that there is a lot of good and happiness in me and how much that can overweigh the bad. Whilst many have said that to me before, none have ever done anything about it, except you and you've done it in such a way that it feels like I've only begun to open the book of possibilities. I know we've only done a few bits of work, but they've been fantastic. You've taught me to harness very powerful memories that I didn't realise I treasured so much, until you reminded me of them. They say you change as you grow, are influenced by the people around you, different environments and experiences. In the short space of time I've known you, you have been all of those and you've changed a part of me, and definitely for the good, I feel, which is a massive achievement for anyone. I personally believe you've bettered my approach and views on life and my future aspirations, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Suzi. I owe you one.

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