Transformation Coaching & Mentoring

When you’re ready, together we can achieve and do anything. Whether you have things that are limiting you, want to be more successful although not sure how, feeling stuck, want to free yourself of low mood, bad habits, anxiety or phobias, want to communicate more effectively, wish to work through and have more fulfilling relationship… and so much more.

The only thing I need from you is 100% commitment to the change, honesty (to yourself and to me) and an open mind to learn more about yourself, take action, make rapid changes that give you the freedom to live the life you aspire too become.

Areas I commonly work in are

  • Confidence, Self Worth & Self Esteem
  • Relationships: with ourselves and others
  • Career Change & BUSINESS ventures
  • Self Care – Self LOVE: Getting Your Own Needs Met
  • Connection and Communicating as a parenting
  • Fertility mindset and manifesting
  • Living Your Purpose
  • Managing low mood, blame, anger, upsets, frustration and stress
  • Managing Grief, Loss, Sadness and Change
  • Phobias, bad habits and Anxiety
  • Optimal Health – making positive health changes from quitting smoking, weight loss to mindful eating.

I offer a pre call questionair and provide a FREE 1/2 hour Focus Clarity Call to explore what you’re looking for and if we’re compatible to work together, do get in touch.



One-off phone consultations with me. You can book these on an ad hoc basis. Please note I am based in the UK and my core hours are 10 -7 BST. I do not work over the weekends (unless the situation is urgent orby prior agreement, events or retreats).

This package comes with a pre call questionnaire or a 30 minute focus clarity call. A 60 minutes long session, with a follow up call. We’ll explore where you are, what’s causing you to feel ‘stuck’, how you need to move forward and transform change at a deeper level. Never underestimate this session, they are incredibly life changing, so please only consider if change is what you want.

These session’s on held on line over ZOOM although face to face, walk and talk can be consider and planed for.

Investment: £300

Cancellation Policy – A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for phone sessions. Sessions must be paid for in advance in the shop.

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I coach individuals, couples and families through moments of transition and transformation. I offer a free, compulsory consultation to identify a work plan, to see if you are ready for change and if we are compatible to work together. If not I’m able to offer a sign posting service and recommendations. This package focus’s on wellness within and takes you through deep and rapid transformation and healing work, often described as effortless and pain free. These session’s can be managed over the phone, zoom or face to face. I work from my home office, a suitable location or walk and talk coaching sessions.

5 hours, this package also includes my private contact details for ad hoc questions or advice and will include a follow up call should this be required.

Investment £1000

Pay in instalments £350 a month over 3 months payment plan

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While surfing the net you will find, online courses, books and DVDs in helping you make changes and create the life you aspire to. All of these will help and teach you some new amazing techniques, although they are no substitute for the real life thing. A transformation session, face to face, in the same space with a master of manifesting positive deep effortless change is a force everyone should experience. With dynamic face to face Transformation healing therapy, NLP therapy, Life coaching, EFT and Hypnotherapy and with support and frequent motivational mentoring could be the perfect VIP set up you need to truly guide you towards a life where You Can Stop Surviving and Start Thriving.

  • This package takes place, face to face or over Zoom for 6 months. This THRIVE package would offer you a VIP rapid transformational day, either live or virtual. This also provides you with 20 hours transformational healing, coaching and wellness with sessions, taking you through a journey of change, releasing blocks without spending hours reliving the story and sets you up mentally and emotionally for love and connection on your future thriving path. You will also receive check-in emails, some homework and you can contact me ad hoc should you have any questions. This package if designed for the busy, driven, successful parent where time is precious, yet you’re determined to spend some quality time each week to work on you, investing on you, your relationships, your wellbeing, your business, pushing past old patterns and habits, aligning your dreams and inner desires and creating action that gives you instant results.

Investment £6,000

Pay in instalments £1000 a month over 6 months payment plan.

To enquire about booking your personalised life changing THRIVE programme, email

THRIVE Intensive Experience

Some people want to HIT a breakthrough transformation quickly, this is known as the INTENSIVE… This would offer the invaluable opportunity to work with you for a few days and receive follow up contact and mentoring support (up to 6 hours) for up to 3 months, where we buddy up together to ensure maximum results are achieved. For example, I spent 3 days in Florida with a client.

Investment starts from £7,000 for a minimum of Two full days Intensive, 6 hours follow up. Travel fees to be included.

For further details about booking your personalised programme, email

Mentoring, Training & Specking

Are you in HR or A Business wanting to support staff with motivational wellbeing or 1:2:1 mentoring, please consider this offer.  Simply contact me with your enquiry for a plan that can be tailored to meet your needs and outcomes. I work on an hourly basis and would put together a quote and action plan before confirming if we should be able to work together. Once a contract is set up 50% of invoice is requested prior to work commencing.   Typically my hourly rate is currently £200 per hour. This involves a pre call consultations and follow satisfaction survey. If I arrange for a second qualified trainer this fee will be added in addition to my fees and invoiced separately.

PLEASE NOTE I also speck and offer motivational wellbeing talks for FREE. Please apply for this service with the title FREE WELLBEING TALKS email to

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