I am Born Lucky

A guide for parents before, during and after birth: I am Born Lucky, a book, DVD and relaxation CD giving NLP resources for birth, parenting and relationships.

Birthing Link is a unique and natural approach to help prepare you for your journey into parenthood. Encouraging a calm, confident pregnancy and giving you techniques, you can take forward into parenting.

This life changing information is presented in 8 different chapters and can be used either at home or for group training purposes.

THE BOOK: ‘I am born lucky’. Inspiring stronger bonds and mentally preparing you and your partner as together you discover powerful ways to increase the mind and body connection.

THE DVD: Supports each chapter of the book and practical demonstration on how to apply these techniques.

THE BONUS CD: Listen to our hypnotic rhythms and feel more refreshed and relaxed. Helping you to have more control over your body and supporting your birthing experience.

THE COURSE: Get all of the above and more in my new course. Coming soon!

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