Sleep tips for the restless using self-hypnosis

On the 17th March it was World Sleep Day. It’s an annual event organised by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Association of Sleep Medicine and has been going strong since 2008. Its purpose is to celebrate the benefits of good and healthy sleep and to draw societies attention to the burden of sleep problems along with the medicine, education and social aspects which promote sleep disorders prevention and management.

When we are getting adequate sleep we feel good during the day. We have a better appetite, make healthy food choices, make better decisions, we have more motivation and energy for physical activity and will feel happier.

So if sleep is becoming an issue in your day to day life, self-hypnosis is something you should explore to help you sleep. We all have moments of night time chit-chat; it’s nice and quiet and we can play over in our minds events that we want to understand or gain some clarity around … but seriously in the middle of the night is not the best time to do this. This mini guide will help you sleep better.

SuziB’s 5 simple step sleep guide…

Be active. Keep moving and exercise regularly. I don’t mean a full on workout, just be active in what you do. Avoid doing any strenuous exercise a few hours before bed. Walk. Move. Dance.

Eat wise well before bedtime. I stop drinking caffeine after around 2pm most days as I find it affects my sleep. Consciously be aware of what you eat and drink in the day and how this affects your mind, body and sleep. Often we blame stress, or another factor, for insomnia when it could be simply something we are putting in our mouths that’s affecting our sleep.

Relax before bed. Distract your mind and create a relaxing environment. This hasn’t got to be hours before bed just enough time to allow your mind to switch off from the day to day activities. Make sure your bed is cosy and comfy as this is your body’s sanctuary. Consciously switch off from the technology – switch off. Create a routine. Your body loves routine and triggers.

Breathe well. Once you’re in bed apply powerful ways to breathe by grounding yourself, meditation or self hypnosis. Place one hand over your bellybutton and bring your fingertips together. Use my breathing techniques to help you feel calm and grounded. The best for bedtime is the Earth activity. Breathe for at least 1 minute. Breath in for 6 seconds. Breath out 6 (hold out for 6). Repeat.

From bed to light. Try this: Connect with your bed, get comfy and make sure you can feel your body upon the sheets from toes, to the tips of your hair. Then take your mind’s eye for a few seconds only to the light in your room see yourself sleeping well, asking yourself are comfy and ready to rapidly drift to sleep? Then take your mind’s eye back to your sleepy self. Check your body and make any adjustments, you might even want to spend some time to reflect briefly / or unload from the day and positivity prepare for the next … Repeat and take your mind’s eye to the light or get creative and drift where ever you choose although never leave site of YOU sleeping sweetly in your comfy cosy bed. Repeat as many times at it takes, always stay focused on what you are achieving: SLEEP.

A beautiful day awaits you, but first you must sleep sweetly….

If you want any further information or help with sleep, anxiety or clarity around your dreams please contact me.


Suzi B