Wellness Within Retreat


MONDAY, 14th October. 9:30am – 4pm

Hunston Manor House, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 1AJ – is your perfect tranquil and warm escape, just 5 minutes from Chichester. 

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💚 Come and surround yourself in nature, love and wellbeing embodiment from within.💚

Are you anxious, stuck, overwhelmed, spinning discs, shouting at the kids, confused, stressed?

Do you feel overworked mothering all the time and in need of some real-time out for yourself?

How would it feel to take a day for yourself, clear the wood from the trees, gain clarity, confidence and focus and see a simplified life?

Would you like to connect with like-minded women? Be supported and encouraged to achieve more of the life you desire?

Receive TOP level coaching from me, Suzi B, a mum of two, with a long background in mental health and well-being and mindfulness for successful women transitioning into mothers.

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