Triple The Love – WICK & WISH Candles

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ECO FRIENDLY Luxury Ethical Rose & Sandlewood Soy Wax Candles. 220ml Candle with Rose Quartz Crystal. 



Lighting Your Inner Spark

220 ml Luxury Ethical Rose & Sandlewood Soy Wax Candles with up to 50 hours burning. With Rose Quartz Crystal for manifesting The Love 


Each CANDLE is hand-poured using all ECO FRIENDLY products that are not only safer for you, your family and your pets, but also kind to the ENVIRONMENT.

ABOUT WICK & WISH: Founded in Jan 2021. Suzi & Lucie are Auntie and Niece who both have a passion for Wellness. Suzi B is a respected health & wellbeing coach and author, and Lucie has a passion for natural health and remedies. Out of this passion, Wick & Wish was born. Luxury ethical candles with a special manifesting message and with a super-charged lunar-loving intention.

TRIPLE THE LOVE CRYSTAL INFORMATION: Every WICK & WISH candle come with a unique Crystal. This ROSE QUARTS Crystal has been cleansed under the Aquarius New Moon February 2021, and then energetically charged under the Virgo Full Moon later that month. This energy is innovative, awakening, and expansive. It brings with it new ideas, new ambitions, and the gift of seeing love in ourselves and in one another. It invokes balance and harmony, a sense of centering, and groundedness into our lives. 

Each Crystal has the potential to help you release past wounds, teach you to trust, and to encourage more love, linking your heart to MOTHER EARTH, the heart of the universe and all other hearts

OUR PACKAGING: Is purposefully basic and biodegradable because we want to do our bit to help save our Earth. You can reuse the boxes, send back the jars (or reuse them yourself!) and our environmentally friendly fill packaging is made with natural starch based material and is water soluable – which means you can just use water to wash it away!

We value MOTHER EARTH – that’s why every purchase made we give 5% of profit back to the planet, by planting trees, protecting the Ocean and supporting ZERO WASTE…

Everyone has the CAPACITY to SUSTAINABLY thrive