THRIVE :LIFE CLUB. For ambitious, bright, sensitive and creative women. Prioritising mental and emotional resilience, SELF-LOVE and all relationships. Lets support, nourish ourselves, stand together as we powerful create more of the life we want to live. Only £25 per month

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Welcome to THRIVE LIFE CLUB, where bright, sensitive and creative women get together and support each 

This online community group offers a once a week check in and fortnightly LIVE group life coaching call every other MONDAY at 18;00 -19;00. Providing coaching tips, meditations, and guidance that are held in line with the seasons, and the LUNAR MOON Cycles (New Moon & Full Moon) and in-between accountability, budding, support, motivation and ongoing encouragement, connection and love. 

This is a THRIVING non-judgement place where you can be listened to, felt, understood and believed in for all who you are and want to be in life

Through these connections we create a deep wellness within, feel nourished as we trust and love for ourselves, create a sense of peace and freedom, and truly believe and thrive in all relationships, so that we can achieve more of what you want in life. 

Typical areas of WELLNESS we will cover are: 

  • Health 
  • Emotional 
  • Physical health 
  • Relationships 
  • Career 
  • -professional
  • -personal 
  • Spiritual life  
  • Happiness 
  • LOVE 

This place for us to thrive and really flourish in the love of life, and to celebrate all of life. We combine an holistic approach to wellbeing from the inside-out that focuses the understanding that we get more of what we focus on so lets focus on an exciting future as we connect the mind and body, positively move and take aligned daily action to manifest the life we dream of and our hearts desire. 

I believe that we us women can transform and heal the often over-looked anxieties and limiting self-beliefs, and pave the way for future generations of strong, loving men and women. I support woman to liberate themselves from the past, create freedom and claim their successes. I truly believe everyone is worthy and deserving of love and happiness, and that’s the key to fearlessly achieving your wildest desires and dreams. Communication is what underpins everything and I teach empowering strategies and coping skills that can be taken into the heart of the home, the community and in all life. So that we can confidently achieve more inner peace and fulfilling lifestyle and relationships, where we are joyfully in control without being controlling.

Lets prioritise mental and emotional resilience, normalise self-love and wellbeing, nourish ourselves, stand together and powerfully create more of what we want in this lifetime

Know that there is no shame in undergoing personal development. Whilst it can be painful we trust that these times of transition bring about great healing, surrender and bring new opportunities and miracles. 

In this community we encourage and create a beautiful, safe, empowering and supportive club.  

Some house rules to apply:

• Connect, support and inspire 
• Build bridges NOT barriers
• Respect others
• Celebrate together 

Lets empower and inspire each other

Much Love for now,

Suzi xx


INVESTMENT: £25 a month ( you can cancel any time) or £260 per year 

With every member who join’s, we will donate £2 each month to MOTHER EARTH


Do I have to contribute to the Live Coaching Calls. 

  • No, however you will get more from this call if you ask questions and get involved.  These calls are led by myself for you to be guided through change. Other guest speakers will also be hosting calls. Some members often add comments with their experiences throughout the call, if they wish to and some members prefer to silently take part.
  • If you’re watching on the replay you are encouraged to add comments and any questions you might have to the comment thread. 

When do the LIVE coaching calls take place 

  • These take place every MONDAY evening 18:00 – 19:00 –  excluding bank holidays, with an opportunity to catch up on the Tuesday. 

How do I connect with you for the Weekly Live Coaching Calls 

  • In a closed group on Instagram – THRIVE – LIFE CLUB. You will need an Instagram account to take part or we can send you the live recording but you wont get the same community support as you would if in the group. Once you have joined the membership I will send you the link to the Closed Group. It is here that our Live calls take place, group accountability and ongoing community support is provided. 

Can I cancel my membership immediately if I choose to leave?

  • Absolutely. You don’t need to give any notice. Simply cancel your recurring payments with the bank or Paypal and I will take you out of the Group no explanations needed.

Do I have to contribute to the Group in any way?

  • No however we encourage you get involved and connect as this build’s confidence and community growth.