Breakthrough Coaching Package

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Are you struggling to make that needed change in your life? Are you feeling unfilled or demotivated? I will help you effortlessly make positive shifts in your life by boosting your mental and emotional resilience. We’ll work together to heal and let go of past memories and I will empower you to love and trust yourself, enabling you to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of with complete confidence.

Breakthrough sessions can be booked on an ad hoc basis. This package comes with a follow-up check-in and a Wellness Within action plan.

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Private consultation with me. You can have a sit-down, face to face conversation, chat via Zoom or telephone or, if you prefer, a walk and talk.

When you’re ready, together we can achieve and do anything? I help ambitious women who are struggling to change and ready for more, effortlessly make their shifts by boosting their mental and emotional resilience, healing their past and empowering them to love and trust themselves to achieve the life life they want with complete confidence.

Often the only thing in the way from us experience the abundance and success we dream of, is the way we love, value and respect ourselves to live this life.

This popular transformation breakthrough package gives you clarity, confidence, change and accountability. This includes exploring where you are, what’s causing you to feel ‘stuck’, how you need to move forward and coaching change at a deeper level.

We go through a SHIFT method to ensure maximum results. I use NLP, MINDFULNESS and HYPNOTHERAPY techniques that will empower you to effortlessly breakthrough and make your shifts.

One session

Investment: £225

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