I am Born Lucky

I am Born Lucky (Digital Download)



A digital guide for parents before, during and after birth. I am Born Lucky, is an ebook, series of video classes and relaxation audio file giving NLP resources for birth, parenting and relationships.

I am Born Lucky is a unique and natural approach to help prepare you for your journey into parenthood. It encourages a calm, confident pregnancy and gives you techniques you can take forward in to parenting.

This life changing information is presented in 8 chapters in the eBook with a supporting video class for each chapter.

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The eBook

‘I am born lucky’. Inspiring stronger bonds and mentally preparing you and your partner as together you discover powerful ways to increase the mind and body connection.

The Video Classes

Supports each chapter of the book and practical demonstration on how to apply these techniques.

The Bonus Audio

Listen to our hypnotic rhythms and feel more refreshed and relaxed. Helping you to have more control over your body and supporting your birthing experience.

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