6-Week Relationship Revival Challenge (Email Course)


Joyfully manage your relationships in this 6-week email course.

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Joyfully juggling your relationship and parenting can prove to be a real challenge. Even if your relationship is going really well, things happen life gets stressful and priorities can slip. The Relationship Revival Challenge will guide you with daily tasks and goals to complete each day and will transform your life at home, building stronger connections and bringing you together again.

You will learn how to:

  • Let go of the little irritations
  • Build strong connections with your partner and family
  • Communicate effectively and compassionately
  • Inject some fun into the ordinary day and come together as a family
  • Get the appreciation you desire

Ultimately the relationship we have with ourselves is at the core of all our other relationships. What happens outside will mirror what goes on on the inside and in all other relationships. So we work from the inside-out. When we approach change with consistency and positive intention, it charges our energy and we build up a powerful shift within us. This strength helps us shift habits and soon this becomes a normal way of life, not just for a short period of time but permanently.

This challenge will help you to change your own mindset, create magic in the family home and regenerate a life full of love, purpose, pure joy and happiness!

What you will receive

An email a day for the next 42 days. All you need to do is check your emails every morning and motivate yourself to apply the daily tasks. Some tasks are more of a recommendation to plan into your diary so please bring with you some motivation and determination.


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