40-Day Freedom & Thrive Challenge (Video Course)


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This is a live video course that was developed during Lent, where I gave myself and you the opportunity to give something up from the inside to create deeper wellness within. The purpose of this challenge was to give up something and work on the withdrawal from this on that deeper level.

We will work on the internal programming of giving up a limiting self-belief, or a phase you contently hear yourself saying. One that you spend way too much time thinking about and takes you down a road of creative limitations and self-sabotage.

Changing how we think and by changing the little things we do, we can change our lives forever. Without intervention, the repetitive nature of certain thoughts, feelings and behaviours will continue, this is the intervention to make the change.

This Freedom & Thrive Challenge helps you to feel changes at a deeper, see the life you want and start taking the steps to achieve it. When we approach change with consistency and positive intention, it charges our energy and we build up a powerful shift within us. This strength helps us shift habits and soon this becomes a normal way of life, not just for a short period of time but permanently.

What you will receive

12 videos over 2 weeks. These take you through an introduction, the SHIFT method supported with practical questions and answers.

You will also be given a free membership to a private group for ongoing support, motivation and online community connections.

Once you have been through check out you will receive a personal email from me about getting started – this will normally be within 48 hours.


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