Improving mental and emotional wellbeing whilst staying at home (1)

Improving mental and emotional wellbeing whilst staying at home

Whilst we’re being forced to be tucked away at home, now is a really good time to review and improve our mental and emotional wellbeing and to make ourselves our main priority.

It’s important to remember that this is all temporary and whatever you feel right now or no matter what you are doing, or not doing, it is OK not to be OK. Whether you’re happy, sad, anxious, worried, angry, frustrated, or scared, whatever you feel is natural and fine. We all react differently and no way is right or wrong. We are more than our thoughts and emotions. For most of us, these feelings will pass. Remember we are being gifted with this time. No one knows how long a piece of string is, but what we do know is that we will get through this, the best we can. There is no right or wrong way, we’ll just find the way.

I’m aware that for many of us, most of our energy and focus lately has been towards fear, panic, worry, overwhelm and stress. We can very easily fall into a trap of problem, blame, and challenge thinking, and often our minds will run away with endless possibilities mostly driven by fear.

These thoughts and emotions do not serve you. They simply disturb your mindset and wellbeing. This affects everyone else around you. Imagine the positive impact we can create if we channel all our energy and effort towards finding solutions, happiness and wellbeing? Focus more on what we can do, rather than all the things we can’t do?

Whilst we all may feel powerless against this pandemic and global crisis, what we can control is our minds and our bodies, taking care of them as much as possible whilst we wait for the virus to subside.

During this time, it’s vital that we remember the incredible power that lies within us. Whilst the coronavirus and the health risk it carries are absolutely real, the fear we’re experiencing (and the way it manifests) may be even more dangerous than the pandemic.

We need each other now more than ever. Use this time to positively take care of our priorities, our wellbeing and those around us.

I specialise in mental and emotional wellbeing, supporting you to love and trust yourselves deeply, have more fulfilling relationships with yourself and loved ones, and achieve more of what you want in life.

I’ve put together this list of LOCKDOWN SELF LOVE ideas for you to apply at home to help you get your needs met, make the most of this time, and prioritise your mindset, wellbeing and improve your relationships.

  • Focus on the present – NOW and avoid thoughts or feelings about the past or fears over the future.
  • Set small achievable daily tasks, goals, actions, or things to do and focus on.
  • Communicate your needs and wishes and be mindful of how others are coping.
  • Set expectations and standards.
  • Catch up and connect with friends, family, neighbours, community and colleagues.
  • Talk about your feelings, stay on top of difficult feelings, and support each other.
  • Look after your body, move your body and be active.
  • Connect with nature.
  • Meal plan, cook, bake, create delicious feasts, either online or with those in your home.
  • Drink plenty of water, take vitamins and minerals.
  • Learn something new.
  • Do things you enjoy, engage with craft, hobbies, or get creative.
  • Monitor screen time and how much news you read, watch, or listen to.
  • Take time out to read, dance, listen to music, for pleasure.
  • Master your Self-love AM & PM routines and rituals.
  • Prioritise rest and get lots of sleep.

I’m also running FREE LIVE community coaching ‘Lets Talk Wellbeing’ sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday in a Facebook group over at Suzi B Wellness Within.

Come and join us or let us know if there is anything you want us to cover.

We would love to hear from you and support you, why not book a free coaching session here and let’s have a conversation about how we can move forwards together.

Much LOVE for now

Suzi xxx

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