How to overcome anxiety using NLP

We live, we are told, in an anxious world. We’re anxious about our jobs, our families, our futures… anxiety is a common feeling.

It’s true that there are varying degrees of anxiety. And one cause of anxiety can be worrying about an event in the future – it can be a very stressful experience.

I specialist in mental and emotional wellbeing, supporting you to love and trust yourselves deeply, have more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others, and achieve more of what you want in life. Helping those I work with to transform and heal their often over-looked anxieties and limiting self-beliefs, and pave the way for future generations of strong, loving men and women.

Uncertainty is a time when anxiety can amplify and we can have all sort of things circling around in our heads. You may have found yourself lying awake at night thinking about all what needs to be done, worries of life changes as you know it, how will you cope, is your relationship strong enough, what would happen if you die… there is actually an endless list of things to think over or to be anxious about. 

Here’s are the common though process which occur when information is processed unfairly: 

  • Have excessively negative predictions of the future.
  • Sufferers of anxiety become convinced that unavoidable negative events will occur.
  • Focus on danger and the avoidance of danger and unwanted events and circumstances.
  • Focus excessively on their own feelings, responses and bodily sensations

The way we think of a problem will determine how we approach it and how we attempt to treat it. Anxiety is a state; we have other states we can choose to be in. Anxiety is a thought with feeling attached and it’s our perception and beliefs that will manifest in to the outcome we choose to take. This is not to say that we ‘should’ never be anxious: sometimes that’s a helpful response to a situation.

Anxiety begins in the mind and then moves to the body. The mind produces powerful signals of danger that the body responds to by activating the autonomic nervous system (which in turn triggers our fight or flight response).

Using NLP techniques I’ve helped lots of people create the home life they wanted by learning to control the feelings. I like to empower people to be able to own their feelings, control them and have insight as to why they react as they do. I empower my clients to be their own coach. I want to enable them to break down the walls of self-made prisons all the time, not just in therapy.

These really simple approaches will help you to cultivate calmness and ditch the anxiety 

Understand the hidden message

My intuition told me so…
Know what the root cause is, the underlining trigger, the message and the core centre of consciousness is. Then aim to heal this and understand that there is no shame in undergoing transformational growth. Whilst it can be painful, we must trust that these times of transition bring about great healing and bring new opportunities and miracles. We are always learning and evolving so trust that you are capable of creating the change you desire. Learn, empower, change, rest and repeat.  

Be clear what you want

We often find ourselves stuck when it comes to knowing what we want. We find ourselves focusing on the pain or the anxiety. What we are doing is actually feeding the worry rather than giving ourselves a new clear positive path to take. You could think abut the positive outcome, creating these thoughts in your imagination is like experiencing them in reality and you then unconsciously create the exact reaction that you would have if these things really did occur.  Focusing on the best outcome that can happen, or on a range of possible positive outcomes can reduce your anxiety. Ask yourself ‘What would I like to happen?’ and imagine what it would be like if that were to happen. 

Go further than what you want

The thing about being anxious or worried about something in the future is that it hasn’t happened yet! It sounds obvious, but when you have got past the event it is just a memory. Often the experience was nowhere near as bad as you had feared, and even if it did turn out badly, it’s over. It’s done.

So one way to deal with anxiety now and overcome the fear is to imagine a time when the event has already occurred. Go there now.

In your mind think of what life would be like when you have gone through the experience and have got the best outcome you could have hoped for. Imagine in rich detail that it is all over and things turned out to be just fine. Do this as richly as you can. Imagine what you see, hear, feel and think. Imagine the words that you will say to yourself and others and what they will say to you. Really be there.

Then, think back over the event that you were worried about and see how it feels now it is over and everything has turned out for the best. Congratulate yourself on getting through it and a job well done.

Pass the anxiety to the universal energy. 

Many things in life are out of your control. So much is dependent on the behaviour and attitudes of others and there are also many things which are governed by outside forces, including chance and coincidence. You can hope for the best and this can make you feel better in the short term. If this feels too difficult though, then another way to deal with things is to ‘hand it over to the universe energy. 

  • Imagine that this being, this spirit, or a physical representation of chance, or fate, is looking down on you with sympathy and understanding.
  • You can be aware of the worry and anxiety of the event weighing around your shoulders like a dark and heavy cloak.
  • Imagine the being now gently lifts that cloak from your shoulders and takes it and wraps it around his or her own body, taking on the weight of the worry for you and taking responsibility for the outcome itself so that you don’t have to.

Much Love for now
Suzi B
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