Breathing is our connection with life

How to manage anxiety through breathing

There are many ways to breathe and each of them brings with it its own kind of power.

We are all plugged into the mains of the human power grid. We harness, store and use that power to connect well with other. Our ability to do so is underpinned by our natural inclination (if we allow it) to communicate in ways that the person we are connecting with enjoys. Breathing is our connection with life. We breathe, we live.  To explore the real meaning of that life (and the life we may be carrying) we should endeavour to understand more about the importance of each breath, and how it infuses our life force with purpose and being. You may have already noticed that not all types of breathing is the same. It varies depending on the situation and environment?

Breathing is our connection with life

So is it possible to change feelings just by changing your breathing? YES!  Discover by applying these powerful ways to breathe and notice what happens? Try these exercises…

Air breath – HOLD in: breathe in 4 (hold in 4) breathe out 4 (repeat). This is called the air breath as it can create an instant floaty feeling of relaxation and is great to relieve stress and tension and is often used in yoga.

Water breath – OUT: breathe in 4 – breathe out 8 (repeat). This is called the water breath as it can create a drift feeling and will bring a sense of relaxation and calmness and is great in the heat of an argument.

Fire Breath – IN: breath in 6 – breath out 2 (repeat). The fire breath will warm your soul instantly and result in a feeling of passion, warmth and power from the inside out.

Earth breath – HOLD out: breath in 6- breath out 6 (holdout) 6 (repeat). Used in yoga and raiki this earth breath will immediately ground and energise you and is great if you’re feeling a little anxious or unsteady on your feet.

Repeat this for as long as you wish; I consciously do them for about 30 seconds and notice a difference instantly. Just have a go and and see what happens.

Now try this…

Hold a thought in your mind and use the Air and then the Earth breath style to see how it changes the feeling just by changing your breathing flow?

Did you notice how changing your breathing affects your feeling?

Left alone, we naturally breathe like babes do, organically and deep within our bodies. Each emotion has a rhythm of breathing attached to it. By controlling your breathing, you can control your emotional state. It’s very powerful. Try it.

Would this help you to live more mindfully?

Suzi B

Trust. Respect. Protect.