How to build self-confidence – Free Daily Guide!

How to build self-confidence – Are you in need of a daily confidence boost that’s not food, drink or exercise?
Do you want to learn a quick, easy and simple way to manage your state, approach and behaviour so you feel more in control and confident about your actions?
Are you someone who shies away from situations because your beliefs are not motivating or encouraging you?

If so, this thought provoking mindfulness ritual for building self-confidence will have you radiating happiness from the inside out – so you always feel you’re winning and in control.

How to build self-confidence

Did you know that it takes the same amount of work and effort to make ourselves miserable or make ourselves happy? I know what I would choose given the chance! That’s why when I started my training, over 15 years ago, and was asked if I wanted to learn how to create, teach, have and give an instant fix of confidence, I jumped at the opportunity.

The process is called anchoring self-confidence AND to this day I still use it on myself regularly. It a very useful coping skill / strategy that I use in my coaching sessions and that’s why I wanted to share this with you, and anyone who, at times, feels like they just need that extra instant boost.

We all have a unique perspective of what the perfect gift looks like, the perfect image of self confidence – a vision that we alone can create. So what would the perfect vision of self-confidence look like now to you? Is this something that is just simply part of you or is there a process you personally go though so that you are in a confident place, in control just when you require it? Take time to take yourself into your imagination and have a moment to understand what self-confidence means to you. What does it feel like? What do you see or think when being confident? What is your inner critic / motivator saying? How are you acting? What are your beliefs and values around self-confidence?

Knowing all this will help kick start the process of change so that you can confidently act and attract towards more things that make you happier now.

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Love, Respect and Protect

SuziB x

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