How to be healthy by loving yourself.

This might seem a little crazy loving yourself healthy. But listen up; whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, getting fit or just simply be a more healthy you, it will only happen when one thing changes. You need to be switched on and ready for action and that comes from the inside – it’s a belief, a vision, a drive, a determination and passion to want to be a more healthier you. And that only happens when you truly start loving yourself.

Have you ever tried and tried a new diet plan or joined the gym at the start of the year only to find yourself a few weeks later back where you started? Do you give excuses after excuses to why things never work and make yourself feel better by opening the fridge or cupboards or head to the shops to stock up all things bad for you, in hope it will make you feel better?  Do you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of trying but never really find your motivation – perhaps the the scales disappoint you or you cant be bother to eat well? Well if this is you, you will love this simple approach to being healthy forever.

I think our love affair or hate with food needs to be put back into perspective. Food is fuel and food is beautiful.  As humans we have a deep need to converse, share and connect. We are communication all the time in all sorts of ways. Bit confused? Hold up… my point is we are being sold to all the time; on TV, in the shops, the gym, diet plans, the next fitness fix, social media… literally everywhere we go. If we stopped for a moment to just see we are actually beautiful and in control of who we are, we might then take control over out health choices, full in love with our health and what influences us.   

The easy Suzib way to get healthy by loving youself

Wake up slow: It all starts from the moment you hear a whisper of morning, you open your eye, hear the children calling or the alarm ringing. It’s here you can grasp the new day and have an optimism around your ability to make good, confident choices and decisions. Feel a sense of urgency to be happy for the day ahead. My mindful post can really help to inspire a morning routine.

Believe in yourself: In order for your root purpose to flower healthily you need to surround it with ambition, beliefs, ideas and values. Part of us, of course, will want to undermine the sense of fulfilment – that’s your inner critic talking – remember your thinking is reality if you want it to be, contentment is your prerogative. Believe in your choices and observe how you’re working inside will enable you to grow as a person.

Raw energy: Find the right meal plan for you, one that suits your body and one that your mind falls in love with and ditch all the other stuff that has issues attached. Make sure your meal plan is sustainable and healthy and not just a quick fix. DRINK WISE. EAT REAL FOOD. EAT SMALL. EAT WELL. Personally, I’m loving the reduced sugar free diet plan.

We are stronger than we think. Seek to solve the conflict and learn to trust and understand yourself, your triggers, motivators, the cheerleaders, things that influence you to be a healthy you rather than pushing to reach for outside forces. Make your own decisions and take care of yourself – this will set you up for a happier, healthier surroundings. Keep moving and aim to be actively active each and every day. Walk. Move. Dance!

Love yourself healthy: If your mind believes it your body will prove it. Just take a moment to think about how you see yourself, how you talk to yourself? We’re all really good at complimenting others and it makes us feel good, how about complimenting, motivating and encouraging yourself, too? What we hold in our minds we will hold in our bodies and you’re far more likely to achieve something if you’re confidently motivating yourself to do it.

We are always communicating so start the day communicating wisely to yourself, you are your best motivator.

Please get in touch if you want to chat over this and see how we can work together.

Love. Respect. Protect

Suzi B