Wellness Within Retreat

Date 2019-10-14
LocationHunston Manor House, Chichester, West Sussex. PO20 1AJ

MONDAY, 14th October. 9:30 am – 4 pm | Book Now.


💚 Come and surround yourself in nature, love and wellbeing and strengthen your mental health, improve relationships and get more of what you want in life 💚

Are you anxious, stuck, overwhelmed, spinning discs, shouting at the kids, confused, stressed?

Do you feel overworked, mothering all the time and in need of some real time-out for yourself?

How would it feel to take a day for yourself, clear the wood from the trees, gain clarity, confidence and focus and see a simplified life?

Would you like to connect with like-minded women? Be supported and encouraged to achieve more of the life you desire?

Receive TOP level coaching from me, Suzi B, a mum of two, with a long background in mental health and well-being and mindfulness for successful women transitioning into mothers.

You do not have to do this on your own and you DO NOT need an action plan to get the life you really want…

I know you’re busy and I know you have a lot on your plate. Sometimes it might feel like you can’t afford to take time out for you. You and I both know you’re the centre of your family, without you everything crumbles.

When was the last time you really looked after yourself and had a day just for you and your self-development and desires?

If it’s been too long you’re like most mothers out there and here’s what happens…

  • You become overworked and overwhelmed
  • You feel less attractive
  • You struggle to communicate
  • Argue more with your partner
  • Your relationships suffer
  • You get into bad habits
  • Shout at the kids more
  • Your dreams suffer
  • Time rushes past
  • You become irritable and moody
  • You feel you’ve got no time to spare
  • You end up resenting people you love

💚 It’s absolutely time for some timeout.
💚 EVERYONE wants mama to be happy!
💚 It’s time to prioritise YOU!

Come and join me Suzi B mental well-being coach, mentor and trainer. I work with hardworking mum’s who are also always busy doing everything for everyone else, and no time for themselves, to focus on what they truly need and deeply want.

I’m giving you the opportunity to spend a whole day in a gorgeous environment with beauty nourishing vegan food all made for you.

  • Where you will connect to your heart
  • Clarity on your dreams
  • Connect with self
  • Feel good
  • Feel peaceful
  • Feel freedom for the old and make way for the new.
  • Get laser-focused
  • deeply trust yourself and believe in your desires
  • Gain clarity on your next steps, the bigger picture
  • Take timeout just what your system needs
  • Release and Reset
  • Cleanse and Clear
  • Get out of the drama
  • A gift to yourself
  • Find self as you bathe in nourishment and well-being for the day
  • Create mental paradise  and change beliefs at a subconscious level
  • Embody all who you want to BE and the life you really want
  • Meet new people and make new friends.
  • AND then take all this back to your loving family, friends, life and work?

Let everything else fall into place, because when women struggle, contract, live a hardship story, live from a place of pain and lack, life becomes difficult, everything else seems hard and nothing seems to flow, work or go to plan.

A time for you to pause for a whole day to indulge in some self-love to create a flow of unlimited wellness and abundance and allow yourself to dream, let go, realign and channel your inner wisdom to help supercharge and manifest your heart desires. Without the guilt. Who’s joining us?

MONDAY, 14th October. 9:30 am – 4 pm | Book Now.
Hunston Manor House, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 1AJ – is your perfect tranquil and warm escape, just 5 minutes from Chichester. 

A vegan feast provided by BB Vegan.


  • Discover what you really want in your life? Business? Relationships?
  • Do your attitude and environment support you? Journaling Exercise
  • Are your beliefs and values aligned? Fire Ceremony
  • Make the most of daily habits, rituals and behaviours. Guided Meditation
  • Creative Masterplan. Get focused using a vision board

Together we transform, heal and breathe life into new possibilities.

ALL This for Investment £133 pp.  BOOK NOW!

This day will include all materials, refreshments, snacks and lunch is provided.  This will also include other extras like: access to a POOL if you fancy a dip to refresh your soul, informal talks and a MOON ORACLE CARD reading over the FULL MOON energy

Please email me: hello@suzib.co.uk to book a call and for more information.

Much love always

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