The 21 DAY Relationship Detox PLAN 

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The 21 DAY Relationship Detox PLAN 

How would it feel to be free from any negative or toxic relationships?

Can you imagine a life with so much clarity, freedom, LOVE and joy, so that you live the best of your life, for the rest of your life, as your best self? The problem is we’re all addicted to toxic relationships and been brought up this way and don’t know any different. We’re told that change is hard and often get stuck in past thoughts, or trapped in fears and control over the future. We don’t know how to get free from this because we’re in it all the time and can feel completely caught up by it.

So HOW can we effortlessly shift from a toxic state, to a more fulfilling and resourceful state?

We do a DETOX…

💚 This relationship detox is with yourself and fundamentally sets the tone for all other relationships you have. You will learn how to take back your conscious power and create freedom from all negative and toxic relationships, so that you can have more fulfilling RELATIONSHIPS with yourself, everyone and everything …💚

We’ve detoxed our bodies, the digital life, food, and alcohol, BUT have you ever thought about detoxing all the relationships you have with yourself ? I’m not referring here to the relationship you have with your partner, this is about ALL the other relationships we engage with in day to day life.

EVERYTHING in life is a relationships. Unpleasant relationships can be seriously toxic, can cause you to stress, worry and can negatively affect our health and wellbeing in so many ways and can also be a magnet for attracting all the wrong kind of relationships in life. When we reflect and shine self awareness and apply transnational practice around how we hold and manage all relationships, we can then learn to release the negative energy and live life more freely.

You never get what you want in life if you hold on to the things you don’t want

This NEW for 2020 powerful 21-day video course with over 4 hours of coaching, giving you the best possible platform to excel in life and create more relationships that empower you and lift you up instead of weighing you down and leaving you energetically drained.

Each morning for 21 days you will receive a 15 minute coaching video from me to help you REVIEW, RELEASE, and RESET some of the most powerful relationships we engage in, on a day to day basis.

I will coach you for 21 days and give you the skills to be able to understand that

  • we are in a relationship with everything
  • know what relationships need detoxing and how to re-frame and rewire these
  • increase your selflove, self-awareness and mental and emotional clarity
  • support you to create freedom and get more of what you want in life

The relationships we explore and change during this course are:

  1. Communicate
  2. Beliefs
  3. Fears
  4. Feelings
  5. Know your self-worth
  6. Protections and pleasure
  7. Blame and criticism
  8. Manifesting
  9. Truth
  10. Confidence
  12. Coping skill
  13. The power of Compassion, LOVE and KINDNESS
  14. Conscious Relationships
  15. Healthy boundaries
  16. Decision making
  17. Short term fixes
  18. Addictions
  19. Wellness Within
  20. Money
  21. Motivation for Change

I am a wellbeing coaching, mentor and trainer. Specialising in mental and emotional wellbeing, supporting you to love and trust yourselves deeply, have more fulfilling relationships with yourself and loved ones, and achieve more of what you want in life. With over 20 years expertise in helping people through change and to trust and believe in themselves, create freedom (if that’s what they truly want), generate positive empowering change, achieve more of the things you want in life and enjoy more purposeful relationships.

This relationship DETOX plan goes deeper so that you can build stronger foundations that support you to emotional and mental thrive.

This package consists of over 4 hours of re recorded coaching with me, sharing my most used and effective powerful tools and techniques with you. That you can insistently apply and achieve powerful life changing results, from the inside out..

VALUE £497

NEW for 2020 OFFER ONLY £115.00

Once purchase is confirmed, the next morning you will be set and ready to go with your daily emails and videos ready to start The 21 day Relationship Detox Plan

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, before purchasing or during the course of the DETOX

Be the change you wish to see – YOU can do this

Much love for now