Mentally and Emotionally Thriving (8-week Online coaching Program)

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From Anxious and Overwhelmed to Inspired and Free

An 8-week online coaching programe empowering you to thrive in life, live your best life. Creating more freedom and a deep love and trust for yourself and the life you aspire to live. 

This programme take place twice a year | Enrol on the next available course.

Come and strengthen your mental and emotional wellbeing, happiness and turn fear into LOVE & improve all your relationships as you overcome, worry, doubt, distrust and stillness, as you claim your powerful identity, transform, heal and start thriving in all areas of your life.

When we transform and heal from pain, guilt, stress, overlooked anxieties and limiting beliefs, we pave the way for future generations of strong, loving men and women.

  • Are you feeling stressed out, uninspired, a loss of self-worth, esteem or Identity?
  • Do you feel stuck in the repetitive nature of certain thoughts, feelings and behaviours?
  • Are you noticing that you need space to heal and want to learn powerful life-changing tools to help you confidently navigate through life?
  • Would you like to be more prepared and equipped emotionally and mentally?
  • Would you like to be more decisive and learn influential resources to help you manage difficult situations?
  • Are you struggling to create space for self-love, self-care and mindfulness practice and routines?
  • Could you benefit from a deeper sense of belonging and connecting to other supportive, motivating and like-minded people?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, then this online group coaching programme is most certainly for you.


Week 1: Body Talk 
Back to powerful basics with the importance of effective communication and the meaning of the words we use.

Week 2: Everything is a Relationship 
Learn how to dance with your emotions, connect with your mindset and thrive as your authentic self

Week 3: Align from the Inside-out 
Clean up from the core and live an empowered life on purpose with clarity of who you are and how you want to live.

Week 4: The ‘one-second’ Decision
Shift from the mind into your heart and breathe life into the power of rapid change.

Week 5: Faith and Freedom 
Feel the fear and own the control V’s freeze with fear and be controlled, you decide?

Week 6: LEARN Intuitive Problem Solving 
Being confident with space and mindfully receiving and responding to present life.

Week 7: LOVE is all you need. 
Create positive anchors for wellbeing as you confidently be what you want, not what you don’t.

Week 8: CONNECT 
What’s your story? Connect with all relationships, Deliver, Birth and Shape SHIFT your circle of life.

LIVE Group Coaching Calls will be held Every Tuesday at 12 noon (replay available) term time only.
This course comes with a workbook, emailed to you each week, with in-between online group management so you feel supported over the 8 weeks.

This package will also give you access to ongoing online support in the private BORN LUCKY – LIFE CLUB facebook group. this group provides on going support, in between live sessions.

Special Introduction fee is £420 (all included).

Payment plan available: £210 x 2 installments. 

Please arrange a Clarity Focus Call to establish if the programme is for you or book your place.

Together we transform, heal and breathe life into new possibilities

Here’s to your success

Much love for now

Suzi xx