Small steps in the right direction

Do you know why you should reduce sugar from your diet? (with useful tips, too!)

Eating a little bit of what you want is good for you, however, reducing sugar in your diet will most certainly change your life! It’s not a quick fix to getting slim, but cutting it out will help with weight loss. More importantly, it’s a lifestyle change and one you would never regret making.

So why should you quit sugar (or at least reduce sugar) from your diet? There are many health benefits – read this – but most importantly it will be the start of a more fun and fulfilling way of life that your mind, body and soul will thank you for.

I believe that we are addicted to sugar; the more you have the more you want and coming off it isn’t to be taken lightly. Once in the right frame of mind it will be super-easy and then you will see the lifestyle changes. There are a lot of books and guideline out there if you’re really keen to reduce sugar from your diet from medical professionals and those that have been through the experience. I am one of those. I have been through the experience so want to share with you what I found useful, things to avoid and how to overcome the temptations to reach for something sweet and to hopefully give you motivation and incentive to get started and make the change now.

Small steps in the right directionHeres the Suzi B simple 5 step guide to reducing sugar

Avoid: Always read the label and check sugar content. Avoid cereals, bread, pasta, jars, ready meals, ketchup and other sauces, biscuits, puddings, ice cream, chocolate, sweets, fizzing drinks, crisis and the temptation to add heaps of sugar to hot drinks. Sound drastic? Don’t worry. Small steps in the right direction is key. Never just go cold turkey, always reduce a little at a time and listen to your body, use your senses to understand what your body needs but avoid going for the nearest quick fix.

Know your food: Cook from scratch if you can. It’s ok to have to occasional quick and easy (not- so-good-for-you) meal because you’re too busy but never go fake or artificial or be tempted for the quick sugar fix. Enjoy savoury food, stay away from sugary drinks and head for real juice, water or an unsweetened alternative.  Think of other healthy meals, snacks and drinks you can have instead. Reach for protein, fats, fruit and vegetables.

Taste your food:  Like really taste your food. Fall in love with the flavour and the creation of something beautiful and tasty. When food and drinks are free from sugar this might be odd at first, however allow your taste buds to wake up and taste the essence of what’s about to enter your body. We spend so much money on food and drink why should we then coat this in sugar to change the taste and almost certainty alter the core of what was once good for you.

Raw energy: See this as an investment into your health…. DRINK WISE & EAT REAL FOOD, EAT SMALL & EAT WELL. Smoothies, juicing, water, repeat… Cook from scratch, OK it might cost a little bit more to start with but once you have all the ingredients stocked up you will soon start saving the pounds and be living healthily too, bonus. There are millions of amazingly easy recipes out there on basic cooking. Personally I love Jamie O just because they are simple and easy to get you started.

Treat yourself: YES YES YES you can…. Once you are in a place of safety and out the toxic sugar zone you can absolutely congratulate yourself and grab a treat. I’m a strong believer in a little bit of something sweet is good calories and good for your soul. Just be mindful and stick with what you’re doing by reducing and maintain the mental wellbeing to know when your celebrating a little treat or if it’s a self sabotage binge and if the later be quick to move on and continue working on mindfully eating and living healthy. There’s no such thing as treat days, just treat moments

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What are your views?

Love. Respect. Protect.

Suzi B