Dancing With Words

When communicating effectively it is essential to develop the skill of rapport and trust.

We can create rapport by matching or mirroring another person’s body language and voice tonality, by joining their dance. This creates a bridge between our world and theirs; this builds trust, mutual awareness and is the basis of effective communication.

Communication is like dancing with words and if you’re not already applying these tips, we would strongly suggest you add them to your daily lifestyle. Notice what happens within yourself and the world around you – as you form Communication – dancing with words.


First, know what you want in any situation and have a clear outcome of what we want to achieve. Whether you are communicating with one person or with a group, you are more likely to be effective if you know in advance what you are seeking to achieve.


Be aware and alert and have a sensory awareness of yourself and others to know when you are moving towards or away from your outcome. The only way that you can know whether you have passed the message that you intended is to be aware of how it has been received by the other person.

Behaviour Flexibility

Have plenty of flexibility to be able to keep changing your behaviour until you get your outcome. To understand how people respond, notice their body position, breathing, skin colour, eye movement, hands and feet gestures, facial expression and changes to the tone and quality of their voice.


Take action now. To be effective communicators, always act on the principle that the meaning of your communication is the response that you get. Communication is a loop, a dance and a form of connection.

What you do influences people and what they do will influence you. If you observe and find that you have passed on a different message than you had intended, take that as useful feedback and change the way that you communicate until you get the response that you want.