Collaborations are a great way to achieve a greater impact and reach a wider audience. These are some of the organisations that I am proud to collaborate with.

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I’m a Joyful Doctor Coach and as a Mental Wellbeing coach, mentor, and trainer. I teach powerful life-changing tools to help professional parents truly thrive and confidently navigate through life as a Doctor.

I’ve worked with the amazing Nicki Feltham many times as she provides all the branding photos for my website.  Nicki is a naturally gifted photographer and tells incredible love stories through documentary. She creates photos that you fall in love with. Because Nicky is all about the LOVE we just needed to work with her, expand her expertise into business branding. 

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Ginny from Oxygin Design is an amazing graphic designer and was the brains behind my logo and identity. Ginny has also been an inspiration with the branding of Suzi B Wellness Within. Ginny is an amazingly talented artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. 

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