Is your mind chatter helping you or holding you back?

B E L I E F S – When we don’t believe we can, we won’t

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on the blog but I’m super excited to have a fresh new work plan and team of creative entrepreneurs working with and around me so here I am! My intention is to post weekly and I invite you to contact me with any burning topics. Is there anything you would like us to discuss or receive tips and advice on?

My mission is to reach more people and via the blog, I can offer you a FREE way to connect with me, wherever you are in the world. Together we can support each other. Call this a gift from me to you.

Today it’s all about our BELIEFS.

Our power is our beliefs. It’s at the centre of us all.

Our beliefs create our reality. Observing what is working on the inside – what is working for your greater good and what isn’t – enables us to grow as a person. In order for our root purpose to flower, we need to surround it with the compost of our beliefs and values.

Our thoughts are very powerful, they are the sun that guilds our journey. The words we use become our navigation system. That mind-chatter chatter and our internal dialogue is the number one support tool we have to guide us towards our inner desires.

Is your mind chatter helping you or holding you back?BELIEFS When we don’t believe we can we won’t – Believing in something means we  have a pre-supposed commitment to it. On a basic level, agreeing or disagreeing with an idea usually indicates that we have a belief about it. The idea in itself is not the belief.

Beliefs are ideas you have a commitment to and support.

Your beliefs are a position that you endorse, consistently.

Beliefs express your attitude and outlook.

What you believe in is what you stand for.

The things we think and say to ourselves manifest in our lives. They become our reality. What the thinker thinks the prover proves.

Ask these questions of yourself.

  • What behaviours and attitudes have you absorbed from others?
  • When did this happen?
  • Are they doing what you want them to?
  • If NOT you can simple change this to a more authentic, empowering and motivating belief that represents and empowers YOU?

My job as a transformation coach and healer is to use a variety of techniques to raise my clients’ awareness of what beliefs, which beliefs they have that are no longer serving them and how to change their belief system for the greater good. Often my clients will be provoked to see the truth for the very first time. It’s at this point they can step forward, clear their mind and explore fresh new empowering beliefs which enable them to move closer towards their lifes ambitions.

Changing your belief system is one of the most important steps to take in achieving any form of success. Beliefs are the core relationships we have with ourselves, they should be like your personal BEST FRIEND.

Believe that you can and you will! After all, your thinking is reality, if you want it to be. Contentment is no one else’s prerogative except your own.

Much love for now,

Suzi B


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