A change starts from within

If you’ve seen last weeks blog post about vision boards and given it ago, you might have had some internal conflict as you started to think out loud and resonate your likes and dislikes. This is totally normal.

I mention working on the Inside-out, and the change starts from within. I will always keep coming back to this and it’s good to understand the purpose of that inner conversation, weighing up the voices for and against, elevating the different streams of thinking – all this will help lead you to a place of knowing, a place of clarity. You need to give yourself a chance to think outside your limitations and become emotionally connected to achieving your intentions as you install the beliefs and responses that work best for YOU.

So do you recognise some of these voices?

  • ‘You shouldn’t be doing that, it might fail..’
  • ‘You should be trying to please everyone else..’
  • ‘You tried that before an failed, don’t try it again..?

We all have them. They are our neurological early warning system acting to defend us from possible harm. Our brain will act to do its utmost best to protect us from potential harm or failure. It’s good to know that these critical voices are in fact on our side. However, their good intentions for us may have been deflected by our past and that infact can hamper our progress.

It is possible to control and reframe these voices. After all, they do belong to you.

Openly affirming your desired beliefs and actions can reinforce change and often when we are outside our comfort zone we achieve so much more.

You are your biggest motivator and have a greater strength to change what’s going on around you when you work from the inside-out…

Your thoughts?

Much love

Suzi B

Love. Respect. Protect.