59 things Every Parent Should Teach their Child

I recently read an article on the 59 things every parent should teach their child and wanted to share it with you. It begins with….

1. Always say please and thank you

2. Respect your elders

At this point, I do a little shudder. You should respect those who deserve your respect (and they’re normally those that show you love and care). But carrying on…..

3. Show good table manners

4. Always tell the truth

5. Don’t talk to strangers

Again, one that I feel needs a little more commentary. Of course, stranger/danger but that statement needs a little more…

6. Brush your teeth properly twice a day

7. Treat others with kindness

8. Be confident

9. Be helpful

10. Admit when you’re wrong

Read the full article and then pop back and let me know what you think….