So this is my story….

Feedback and personally witnessing the powerful impact I was making with each and every single coaching session/call/training sessions were having on individuals made me pause and I then realised that I had to offer the option of working with more people, one at a time, one on one.

You see the thing is I just do something I love, making people’s hearts dance to their self belief and watching the enormous benefits of them mastering their inner strength as they manifest the life they truly want. People kept saying to me that they were getting more and more out of a session or two with me than they had after a year or even several years of trying to do so whether it was on their own or with the help of someone else.

Then come Birthing Link – Birthing a new life, a new idea, celebrating relationships so that your mind, body, heart and soul creates magic together where anything is possible.

Taking this life changing information into the heart of family, where new life is evolving. Creating new value in this modern world for, anyone who wanted to listen and those who wanted to change.

I soon realised that Birthing Link was much more than just a guild for positive parenting before during and after birth. Birthing Link was in fact the LINK for everyone, the universal order that we all should know about.

This is how it works…. I’m a messy shape shifter remover, faith believe, confidence installer and achievement maker all into one??

This pretty much sums up what I do and where I can help you have big breakthroughs and manifest enormous transformations.

If you want answers, I have them. If you want change, I can give you this. If you want to transform love and self-esteem, together we can do this.  

I can help you to take stock, shift the blocks and have you opening your own book of possibilities to the life you want.

Do you have beliefs about yourself or other people? Are these empowering? Any belief, which we hold about others, or ourselves, becomes our reality. By changing those beliefs, your reality changes and opens a whole new world of options. As we grow, we are learning all of the time, from a young age this learning was conditioned at an unconscious level. Our Values, beliefs, attitude and strategies for life run at an unconscious level and can impact our life’s.

Sometimes the way that you’re seeing the problem is the problem so understanding subconscious beliefs, hidden motivations and also getting clear on what is really going on, can be the transformative boost that you need to make a decision and evolve out of the experience.

A guide for parents before, during and after birth: I am Born Lucky.

Work with me today – individually or as a team. Let’s make a difference.

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