I am Born Lucky

Welcome to I am Born Lucky, a digital download for pregnant mamas and their partners. The download includes three elements…

The eBook. Made up of eight easy to follow chapters that interactively guide you – you learn and apply each stage before you more on to the next stage. You can easily dip in and out of this, although to start we suggest you complete each chapter before moving on to the next. You can then follow the practical video classes.

The Video Classes. These follow the same structure as the book. There’s eight video classes. Each stage visually demonstrates and guilds you thought the practical elements of the corresponding chapter in the ebook to support the learning and help embed the tools.

The Bonus Relaxation Audio. This is a meditation relaxation audio which we encourage you to listen to as often as possible. As you approach your due date try to increase the amount of times you use the audio. It can be listened to whilst reading, meditating, working, completing domestic chores or before bed.

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Want to know more?

Dear World Class Super Parents

You are about to learn something life changing and almost magical. I truly believe you shouldn’t have to suffer to discover and that knowledge is power. I am born Lucky is that knowledge.

This is why you are being offered this information now, while you are expecting a baby. I believe this information needs to enter life now, when new life is evolving so that you can positively impact you and your family’s life now, as we teach you, you are born lucky.

I learnt the foundations of the content in I am Born Lucky when I was in my 20s and I was confused as to why I didn’t already know this kind of stuff. So now I want to make sure all the important bits are shared with you so you can take this learning into your family’s life and positively change your life forever.

No matter what your background is, where you come from, who you are, what you do or why you might be reading this, you’ll discover how I am Born Lucky will positively impact your life and make you confidently radiate love in your family home.

If you want to feel more confident in the birthing room, more in control as a parent, and learn ways to overcome personal problems or challenges together, then I can show you how. This is just a small taster of what you will learn and you can take all this information and positively influence and nurture your family life, so you can live the life you love by doing what you love with the people you love.

I am Born Lucky helps you to be coached without breaking the bank. It’s affordable. It gives you self-hypnosis strategies that you can use within the birthing room and then onto life as a parent. It help you to nurture life confidently, as you invest to love, protect and respect the next stage of your life.

Let’s work together.

Suzi B

I am Born Lucky – a book, DVD and relaxation CD simply designed to help you and your family get the most out of life.

This amazing content is now available as a digital download.

We teach you to become your own life coach as you together positively transform your life as a parent. This simple guide empowers you to become a calm and confident parent and that starts from the minute you discover you’re pregnant.

The key here is to enjoy the process. We believe labour is the easy part and parenting is a whole new level of challenges.

I am Born Lucky will place you onto the path of success and emotionally prepare you for family life, giving you skills and resources that will make a BIG difference.

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I am Born Lucky

I am born lucky is for you:

Are you pregnant or expecting a baby?

Would you describe yourself as a person who actively seeks opportunities to improve yourself, your relationships, you’re feeling and your behaviours so that you are getting the very best out of the situation?

Are you someone who wants to figure out how to mentally improve yourself but are just not sure where to start?

Are you enthusiastic about learning something together that can powerfully enhance your baby’s life and your relationships?

Are you keen to learn anything you can about how to break old thinking habits that are getting in the way of you enjoying the changes you face and new life your about to lead.

Do you want to enhance and increase your positive thoughts and use these to create new and optimistic outcomes?

Do you want to have more confidence in your own capabilities as a parent and understand how to turn any feelings of fear into excitement?

What if by working together with your partner you could achieve greater happiness and learn to relax and enjoy more positive experiences together?

It does not matter whether you are a first time parent, a partner looking for ways to increase your involvement or already have a growing family – I am Born Lucky offers you a completely natural and unique method to help you along the path to success.

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I am Born Lucky is a box set that which is now available as a digital download.
Buy this product today at a fraction of the normal cost and you will get instant access.

I am Born Lucky is exclusive content originally created for a 4-day course for expectant parents in their second trimester. Lottery Funding, along with positive feedback from participants, enabled the course to be transformed in to a digital package allowing the teachings to be available to anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

I am Born Lucky is now reaching more families and changing more lives through learning at a time in life when its more fundamentally needed. This encouraging resource delivers inspirations through an ebook, supported with a video class for each chapter that helps support you to cement the learning and foundations leaned in that class.

You also get a bonus relaxation and meditation audio!

The digital classes - that's the ebook and all the videos - cover the following topics...

Communication & Language

Fears & Control

Bonding & Relationships

Problem Solving

Motivation & Confidence

Behaviours & Results

Beliefs & Values

Birthing & Delivery

So just to recap, what will you learn from I am Born Lucky..

Communication and Language: In this section we look at simple ways in which you can enhance your communication and language. The way we communicate is the framework around which most other interaction are based.

Bonding and Relationships: In this section we learn empathy with others and how to build bridge as we make room for more purposeful and loving relationships.

Beliefs and Values: In order for our root purpose to flower we need to surround it with the compost of our beliefs and values. In this section we learn our purpose from the inside out.

Motivation and Confidence: Here we understand the power of change as we positively focus our behaviour. This is the point of traction, the point at which rubber hits the road.

Fears and Control: We learn that our fears can often point to places we need to go and here we find out how to positivity frame your future and your babe’s using simple and powerful techniques.

Problem Solving: Freedom really begins in this part of the discovery as you find out what works best for you, enabling you to manage the proves of change so that you can positively address problems.

Behaviours and Results: In this section we create powerful anchors for wellbeing, we learn the gift of time and ways to make what you want happen.

Birthing and Delivery: In this section we learn the true meaning of birthing and delivery; this is something that rolls out into your circle of life. Here we learn about trust, being the best you can be and putting this all together to create your story of life.

So if you want all this and more then NOW is the time to invest in your future and you will position yourself as a number ONE super mum within your family.

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As a 4-day course this was selling out and selling fast at £270 per couple!

You can currently purchase a boxset in my store for £67 which includes a physical book, DVD and relaxation CD.

Or you can get a copy of all the resources in a digital format, that you can download to your own devices and keep for ever for just £27!

That’s a massive 90% discount!!!

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I am Born Lucky includes...

The eBook

8 easy-to-follow chapters that guide you through the stages. Work through it to start and easily dip in and out of this as part of your journey.

Video Classes

Following the same structure as the book, each stage is visually demonstrated. The video classes guide you through the practical elements of the chapter.

Relaxation Audio

This is a meditation and relaxation audio to put up in a calm and positive state to support the classes

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Why YOU need I am Born Lucky

As you work through the ebook and video classes you will discover resources  that will help generate positive impact in the birthing process. You can work through these alone or with a life or birthing partner.

There’s additional tips which encourage learning which will unconsciously empower your experience and will have a positive impact on your wellbeing as a parent, preparing you for family life and positively influencing your future.

Although I am Born Lucky is presented to you at a time of new life, we are sure this information we share with you will also benefit your whole life, your relationships and your future in ways you wouldn’t have previously seen possible!

You need I am Born Lucky if you want to practice positive parenting from birth and beyond. 

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Why YOU need I am Born Lucky

This isn’t for you if you are not ready to read, watch, listen and learn and I am Born Lucky will only be understood when read in the correct order and when you’re ready and open for change. There are plenty of other books and resources out there for the day to day pregnancy and parenting guild should you choose to want that… AND there are plenty of other people selling Hypnobirthing courses and workshops on birthing techniques.

However if you’re looking for emotional and mental wellbeing that teaches you to graceful move through life without freezing with fear and life changing methods that supports and guides you to positive parenting, before, during and after birth then THIS IS for you.

I am Born Lucky is not so much self–hypnosis as self management. Wouldn’t it be good to be a parent that sets up life in preparation for the happy event as a whole, not just the birthing room?

IF YES, the good news is you can purchase I am Born Lucky today for just £27 and start your journey of change now – today. This will all be delivered to your email account ready to download and get started.

The bad news is I’m not offering this price for long, so you will need to act promptly to receive your boxset as we will rapidly change the offer and you may miss out on this offer, ACTION = CHANGE = FREEDOM.

Also to get you started right away and with an extra bonus… the first 100 people to purchase can email me an area they want to change and I will personally respond with 1 simple thing you can do NOW to make a difference and start the change happening. This alone is WORTH £97.

On purchase, you automatically become a member of my coaching squad.

This means that you get personal invitation for events, heavy discounts on everything else in the store. We also send members exclusive content for free! Yay. You’ll also get access to the secret and private Facebook Group – connect with others like you and learn together.

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Since 2011 life changed for me. I’m now happily married, have two children and am currently renovating our family home.

My first born has started school and I feel now is a good time to launch the online, easy to download concept of I am Born Lucky.

I now want to train you to be your own life coach and be the best you can be, giving you more freedom to enjoy life as a parent.

My passion is helping people to discover freedom – a learning seed at the beginning of new life, for life. I am Born Lucky is here for the long term, it is not a quick fix or passing phase. It’s a way of living and learning that will create a natural complimentary style to living and mental well being, delivering both mind and body outcomes. If you embrace the skills contained within this boxset, you will grow to appreciate the power of your mind and what you, and it, are capable of.

I am Born Lucky received Lottery Funding in 2011 to help transform it’s live training content into this boxset, so it can be easily purchased and reach more families. Now we’re making available as a digital download, cheaper than ever before because we want to get out to as many people like you as possible.

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‘I use this daily. It was fantastic in my pregnancy, in the birthing room, and even now when parenting and encouraging good behaviour and routine. I get much better results from my children and my other half when I’m able to smile, joke and laugh my way thought it.’ Woody’s mum.

‘I want to teach my child to ‘let go and move on’. If I lose it for a moment, I just stop, smile, and remember the parent I want to be and then move on happily with the moment. I make my point calmly.’ Ferne and Alexandra’s mother.

‘Parenting isn’t about me changing, it’s about us getting to know our children and the world they live in. I realise I can do all things with great love and if my day to day life is good, then other good things happen. This makes us stronger for the harder times.’ Max’s Mumma

‘This really helped me put life into prospective and begin to make daily changes to help my family live for the day. We enjoy making memories together and take full advantage of the moments we share.’  Primrose’s parents

‘This really made me begin to notice and listen to others when something was working well, or to hold on to that happy moment when it happened. I now take a mental note or even write things down at the time. Or if it’s a happy moment, I just ‘anchor’ this and hold onto that memory’. Sam’s Mum.

‘Smile and the world will smile with you… Wow – how life changed once we understood that communicating calmingly and giving feedback without arguing our point was so much less painful and made our relationship so much stronger. Thank you.’ James’ parents.

‘I see the positive side to things first now and although I still consider the pit falls, I really take the opportunities as they arise. We are all so much happier.’ Arlo and Betsy’s mother.