I am Born Lucky

I am Born Lucky

Be the Best Parent You Can Be

A Digital Course on Positive Parenting for Pregnant Mamas

Dear Expectant Parent,

I want you to know that you have what it takes to be a fantastic parent.

You may be doubtful because of your past relationships or childhood memories.

You may be scared of losing control over life as you know it.

Maybe you’ve bought lots of parenting books with the hope of installing all the ‘right’ behaviors and qualities that a ‘perfect’ parent has.

If only it were that simple. And who has the time to read them all anyway?

The truth is, there is no perfect and there is no right way.

An information overload is not what you need right now..

What you need are tools that will help you transcend your fears about your capabilities as a parent.

When you trust your intuition and are calm and confident in your communication, you will be able to handle any situation as a parent.


I can show you a way that will help you:

♥ overcome your personal relationship challenges

 ♥ feel empowered in the birthing room

♥ enjoy your transition from pregnancy into parenthood

♥ radiate love, peace and calm to in your family home

♥ feel in control as a parent without being ‘controlling’


I am Born Lucky offers you a completely natural and unique method to help you along the path to success as a parent.


“We are all so much happier.”

Arlo and Betsy’s mother

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I Am Born Lucky is for you if you:

 Are pregnant or expecting a baby


Are nervous of losing control when becoming a parent


Want to learn how to communicate calmly and effectively with your kids


Want to show up as the best possible version of you in your relationships


Are enthusiastic about learning something that can powerfully enhance your baby’s life 


Are keen to learn how to break old behaviours and thinking habits 


 Want to use the power of your mind to create optimistic and realistic outcomes in your relationships


 Want confidence in your capabilities as a parent


‘I use this daily. It was fantastic in my pregnancy, in the birthing room, and even now when parenting and encouraging good behaviour and routine. I get much better results from my children and my other half when I’m able to smile, joke and laugh my way thought it.’

Woody’s mum

What you get for your investment:

The eBook

Worth £ 149.00 

8 easy-to-follow chapters that guide you through the modules. Work through it from start to finish, or easily dip in and out of it to suit your journey.

Video Classes

Worth £199.00 

Following the same structure as the book, each stage is visually demonstrated. The video classes guide you through the practical elements of the chapters.

Relaxation Audio

Worth £19.99

This is a meditation and relaxation audio to put you n a calm and positive frame of mind for the birth and whenever you feel you need it afterwards.

Facebook Group

Worth £27/year

Join the free FB group where you can share your journey, ask questions and get direct support from me, Suzi B, the creator of the course.

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The Modules

Communication & Language

Fears & Control

Bonding & Relationships

Problem Solving

Motivation & Confidence

Behaviours & Results

Beliefs & Values

Birthing & Delivery

Communication and Language: In this section we look at simple ways in which you can enhance your communication and language.

Bonding and Relationships: In this section we learn how to have empathy with others and how to build a bridge between you that will make for more purposeful and loving relationships.

Beliefs and Values: In order for our root purpose to flower we need to surround it with the compost of our beliefs and values. In this section we learn our purpose from the inside out.

Motivation and Confidence: Here we understand the power of change as we positively focus our behaviour. This is the point of traction, the point at which rubber hits the road.

Fears and Control: We learn that our fears can often point to places we need to go to and here we find out how to positivity reframe them and create a future for you and your babe using simple and powerful techniques.

Problem Solving: Freedom really begins in this part of the discovery as you find out what works best for you, enabling you to increase your resilience, manage change more effortlessly and positively address any problems you might face?

Behaviours and Results: In this section we create powerful anchors for wellbeing, we learn about the gift of time and ways to make what you want happen.

Birthing and Delivery: In this section we learn the true meaning of birthing and delivery; this is something that rolls out into your circle of life. Here we learn about trust, being the best you can be and putting this all together to create your story of life.




So if you want all this and more then NOW is the time to invest in your future and you will position yourself as a number ONE super mum within your family.


‘I want to teach my child to ‘let go and move on’. If I lose it for a moment, I just stop, smile, and remember the parent I want to be and then move on happily with the moment. I make my point calmly.’

Ferne and Alexandra’s mother.

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Constantly asked question: Is this hypno-birthing?

Like hypno birthing, I Am Born Lucky gives you the tools and techniques to have a calm, empowered and positive birthing experience however it doesn’t stop there.

Unlike hypno-birthing, this course offers you the skills to be have a positive and joyful parenting experience as well. It will place you onto the path of success and emotionally prepare you for family life, giving you skills and resources that will make a BIG difference.

Why me?

Well like most, my childhood came with its fair share of dramas. I wont bore you with the details but there was definitely conflict, dysfunction and arguing. I just remember there was a closed book policy which emanated through out. We didn’t talk about what was going on.

That being said, I always felt very loved and protectedand that gave me the resilience I needed to pull through.

When I was in my 20s I learnt the foundations of the content in I am Born Lucky. I was confused as to why I didn’t already know this kind of stuff. It gave me the communication and relationship skills that I hadn’t learnt in my childhood. It also gave me the answer to why and how I’d got through the hard times.

Of course my past has impacted my current relationships, but rather than seeing the memories as flaws or limitations, I can see how much they have help me choose how I want my family to be and how I want to be as a mum and the messages I want to share.

So what does this mean for you?

You can do the same. You can let your fears of the past eat you up or you can, re write the story, use it to empower you and grow from the experiences. You can choose.

There will always be issues in the family home, but the lesson here is that it’s not your job to control every negative influence that comes into your babe’s life. It’s about believing and trusting in your child’s innate resilience and communicating that to them.

They already have in them the power to reach their full potential and overcome difficulties. The love and compassion that you have for your child will give it the foundation it needs rise above any situation. My mission is to empower women so that they trust themselves deeply throughout the journey of birth and motherhood.

I believe that as we women transform and heal these important and often overlooked areas we pave the way for future generations of confident, strong and loving men and women.

I am Born Lucky helps you to be coached without breaking the bank. It’s affordable. It gives you self-hypnosis strategies that you can use within the birthing room and then into your life as a parent. It’s a one stop shop.

I am Born Lucky received Lottery Funding in 2011 to help transform it’s live training content into this boxset, so it can be easily purchased and reach more families. Now we’re making this available as a digital download, cheaper than ever before because we want to get out to as many people like you as possible.

‘Parenting isn’t about me changing, it’s about us getting to know our children and the world they live in. I realise I can do all things with great love and if my day to day life is good, then other good things happen. This makes us stronger for the harder times.’

Max’s Mumma

So are you done with the drama and the fear?

Are you ready to be the best you can be for your children?

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‘This really helped me put life into prospective and begin to make daily changes to help my family live for the day. We enjoy making memories together and take full advantage of the moments we share.’ Primrose’s parents


‘This really made me begin to notice and listen to others when something was working well, or to hold on to that happy moment when it happened. I now take a mental note or even write things down at the time. Or if it’s a happy moment, I just ‘anchor’ this and hold onto that memory’. Sam’s Mum.


‘Smile and the world will smile with you… Wow – how life changed once we understood that communicating calmingly and giving feedback without arguing our point was so much less painful and made our relationship so much stronger. Thank you.’ James’ parents.

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